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Leader in France of Facebook Marketing
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April 10

Facebook just hit a grand 100 million users in India. To celebrate this historical number, we have created an infographic entitled "100 000 000 Facebook users in India. Who are they?"

If you are wondering what's the percentage of men and women using Facebook in India or how many of them are mobile, iOS or Android users, you should definitely check out our infographic :) --> http://links.krds.fr/100M-infographic-india
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April 4

Our client, Amway India just hit 1,00,000 fans on Facebook! The page has grown from 0 to 100 000 fans in less than a year and has registered a record number of 675 000 fan interactions since its launch.

To celebrate this journey of one lakh fans, we have asked Amway's online community to be part of the celebrations. We also invite you to share the story of your journey with Amway. The brand will feature the best entries on its Facebook page through dedicated cover pictures and posts, honoring the best stories!
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March 10

"Are we certain Facebook is doomed, Vivek Wadwha?" - A few days after the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, Thomas Jestin, co-founder of KRDS, reacts to Vivek Wadwha's diatribe entitled "Facebook is doomed". Check out Thomas' latest op-ed on AllFacebook.com below!
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KRDS provides consulting services to help customers build integrated solutions within our fields of expertise. We analyze goals and business objectives and draft:

Recommendation on social media strategy

KRDS Social Media Experts ("personal" and professional social networking, blogs, forums networks) will help answering following key questions:

  • How can social media sites help you build your brand?
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Path, blogs, etc.: how to voice your brand on which network?
  • How to measure your social media efforts?

Recommendation on Facebook strategy

KRDS Facebook consultants will provide all answers you need to build your Facebook strategy.

Functional and technical OpenGraph recommendation

KRDS consultants will study your projects (ongoing & future) and will recommend best strategy to fully integrate Facebook features such as Connect, data import or Social Plugins (Like button, Comment box etc…)


Your teams want to take their Facebook skills to the next level ? KRDS consultants will design training sessions made-to-measure to meet your specific needs and requirements !

  • Applications
  • Data & Social CRM
  • Community Management
  • Media




KRDS has been designing and developing Facebook applications since the very early days of the plateform in 2007. Cursus, KRDS first app, soon reached one million users. We have released over 500 Facebook applications since. Among them, hits like:

  • "Pour un nouveau capitalisme" on behalf of Danone group, awarded Best French Facebook application in 2009
  • Carrefour Faceshopping first European f-commerce application
  • DJ David Guetta - Nothing but the Beat that allows worlwide fans to buy his tracks right on Facebook
  • Danette des régions: Danette new flavour was launched following public vote on a KRDS Facebook app

We release an average of 7 applications per week.

  • Consulting
  • Data & Social CRM
  • Community Management
  • Media


Data & Social CRM


The trend was to rectruit fans to enlarge and engage your fanbase.Today KRDS takes you to the upper level: get to know you fans! Facebook insights provides row datas about anonymous users, therefore difficult to use.

KRDS has developed a Fans Relationship Management (FRM) interface to allow you to:

  • Collect and gather all information about users engaged on your Facebook pages
  • Identify most active fans. Actions can then be taken to reward them via an application and community management
  • Integrate information with your CRM base (targeted emailings)
  • Costum user’s experiences on apps and Facebook connected sites to improve engagement
  • Connect your CRM tool to Facebook through a KRDS interface that fully masters Facebook frequent technical updates
  • Consulting
  • Applications
  • Community Management
  • Media


Community Management


KRDS Community Management department help businesses in voicing their brands with cross-network solutions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… KRDS is currently managing over 30 Facebook pages on behalf of well-known brands spanning from entertainment, cosmetic industries, agro-food, luxury, retails and much more.


  • E-reputation : assessment, monitoring and management
  • Editorial Recommendation
  • Cross-network marketing campaigns : design and set-up
  • Crisis Management Audit
  • Recruitment support and training facilities


  • Content creation
  • Engage online communities
  • Moderation
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Digital PR (Blogging & lobbying events)
  • Consulting
  • Applications
  • Data & Social CRM
  • Media




With KRDS media buying department, composed by former employees of major global media agencies, you benefit from Facebook Ads expertise to leverage exposure for your business on Facebook.com, tablets and mobiles. Over 30 brands (Yves Rocher, La Poste, Nestlé, etc.) and pure players (ebookers, Doctissimo, Keljob, etc.) are trusting KRDS Facebook Ads department for its competitive advantages:

  • optimization of campaing performance that relies on Ad buying technology integrated with Facebook Ad API
  • follow-up, timely and regular reports
  • consulting on Ad formats and budget allocation according to best daily performances observed on the plateform
  • comprehensive strategy to improve synergies and media buying aligment with community management and application
  • Consulting
  • Applications
  • Data & Social CRM
  • Community Management

About us

KRDS is a leading Social Media Agency in Europe and Asia.

Founded in 2008 in Paris, KRDS became a member of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program (previously known as the Preferred Developer Consultant program) as soon as the PMD became available in Europe in early 2010. Since then KRDS has grown from 10 to 120 employees and has opened 7 new offices throughout Europe and Asia.

Since its creation, KRDS has registered a triple-digit annual growth and in 2011 AXA PE, the leading European private equity firm, took an equity stake in the company.

What We Do

KRDS boasts a range of expertise from Community Management, creation and optimisation of Facebook Ad campaigns, Site Socialisation and Branding. In recent events, KRDS has evolved into a full-fledged Social Media Agency and has been involved in campaigns beyond Facebook such as on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Its newest addition is expertise on Chinese social networks Sina Weibo and Wechat.

KRDS is also regularly invited to talk at conferences throughout Europe and Asia.

About PMD

KRDS is one of the most important members of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program: a community of best-in-class developers focused on making social marketing easier and more effective.



2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012


KRDS launch the first French
Facebook app : Cursus


KRDS launch the first French Facebook app for a marketer : Eurosport for EURO 2008


KRDS expand Eurosport apps to five countries


KRDS open offices in India and launch the first indian Facebook application !


KRDS and RTVE start a long collaboration in Spain still ongoing today!


KRDS launch applications for Morroco, Algeria and Tunisia for Eurosport


In the country of swatches, KRDS started to rock the market with Tissot


KRDS is rocking harder in Italy : KRDS never stop to innovate and brings Facebook Credits to BigBrother in 2011


2011, the year when KRDS start its real expansion in Asia! A great contest on Facebook with Western Digital!

United States

Expect us! We started to work in US with local agencies to develop great Facebook apps.

China & JAPAN

Especially created for asian market, Dior and KRDS launched the outstanding campaign DiorSnow in Korea, China and Japan!

Russia, Ukraine

Привет там! KRDS is coming in East Europe, expanding an awesome Yves Rocher Campaign through Ukrain and Russia !


12h jetlag with headquarters : no problem! We launched our first app for HotelClub in Australia !

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Figures :

A vision

Be the number one Social Media Marketing agency in Europe & Asia .
No less.

A team

They are young, they are dynamic, they are good looking
and they are funny but most importantly, they are talented.

A rule

Work hard, play hard. But first, work hard.




In France

  • The office is strategically located in the middle of Little Tokyo In Paris. We’ve seen worse.
  • Our clients. Prestigious. Challenging. What else ?
  • We, undersigned KRDS, hereby solemnly declare that your spirit of initiative will be cherished and encouraged.

In the world

  • Work with european and asian biggest PMD
  • We, undersigned KRDS, hereby solemnly declare that your spirit of initiative will be cherished and encouraged.
  • Team building activities: work hard, play hard. Remember ?



The team

Because everything starts there. Because our responsibilities matter, but the people we share it with matter even more. Because a the team concept goes way beyond an athletic field: it is the very heart of everything we undertake.


Do your thing. And do it well. Our strong conviction, at KRDS, does not lie within babysitting our employees. We’re Way. Too. Busy. For that. Our strong conviction goes a bit more towards autonomy and responsibility.


There is always something new to learn out there. From the Internet, of course. That’s what enables us to avoid the big-headed syndrom and believe us, that’s much more easier as to behave as a normal human being. But also from one another. That’s how we built the company. Because not content with being awesome as individuals, we also wanted to be awesome as a team. And guess what ? Yes it works !



Do you speak

sales ?

We’re looking for business developers.
‘Cause the more the merrier.

We want to hear from you…

Do you speak cm ?

Ever been told you speak enough for 2 ? 3 ? Even 4 ?
Good news for us, good news for our clients !

We want to hear from you…

Do you speak PHP ?

Because we do. Call us.

We want to hear from you…

Do you speak

Retroplannings ?

The wireframe is your bff ? You might become ours.
Very soon.

We want to hear from you…

Do you speak

creativity ?

We have a studio, we have clients, we even have fatboys.
The only element left is you.

We want to hear from you…

you Dont speak

Any of those?

We still might need you…

We want to hear from you…



2 Rue des Moulins
75001 Paris, France

48, rue du Président Edouard Herriot
69002 Lyon, France

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KRDS Wins facebook innovation competition with its ad-tool feedizr

"Among the 260 participants, it’s a French company that won! KRDS with his Feedizr product is the only non-American winner of this competition. " Badi Badkoubé, Partner Manager at Facebook


Earlier this year, Facebook invited over 260 agencies, all members of the Preferred Marketing Developer community across 35 countries, to enter the “Innovation Competition”. During the following months, PMD agencies were challenged to build innovative products that revolve around Facebook News Feed and Advertising platforms.

After two months of dedicated hard work on concept creation and development, KRDS, an expert in Facebook Marketing, has won the competition with its Feedizr ad-tool.

With this win, KRDS once again asserts its expertise at a worldwide level, being the only agency outside the US to have won.


Feedizr is a custom ad-generation tool that sets-up and targets Ad campaigns in the Facebook News Feed. Feedizr utilises the content from a website or Facebook app and generates ads based on user data. The tool creates Ads from data sets (for instance : daily articles, catalogue highlights so on and so forth) and serves this content to the exact target audience by matching relevant criteria.

Firstly, the tool will match keywords of the data sets with targeting options made available by the Facebook Ads platform.

Secondly, Feedizr uses Facebook’s Custom Audience feature to allow advertisers build target groups based on their customers’ emails, Facebook user IDs or phone numbers. This list of people is created according to the degree of relevancy between their activity and the Ads created. Feedizr generated Ads will only be shown to people who actually fit the target group, since they are most likely to be interested in the given message.

Feedizr is a brand new tool that synchronizes content with CRM database information to build highly targeted Facebook Ads.

It is important to note that Facebook fully respects user privacy in this process, in which no personal information is exchanged between Facebook, marketers or third party partners.

The tool has been tested on the Canal + Pronostics Ligue 1 Facebook app. Feedizr retrieved information on weekly fixtures, and turned each match into an Ad to publish on the News Feed (for instance, it created the item Paris SG vs Marseille). Feedizr generated Ads would target people on Facebook who like one of the two relevant teams, players and/or football stadiums.

Beyond that, for each Ad, the tool was also able to target all those app users who had chosen one of the two teams as favourite within the app flow.

Feedizr tool was promising since the initial tests. Effortless and time efficient campaign management, with CTRs, CPCs and CPAs (action = prediction) which performed much better than the average market.

Feedizr makesbest use of the Facebook Advertising API and is developed using XML and JSON technological standards, to allow agile roll out and the ability to deal with almost all websites.

The tool is currently in Beta and access is limited to restricted numbers of accounts. Future roadmap is to enrich it with new features. Feedizr will then be made available to all brands in the KRDS portfolio.

about KRDS

This competition highlights KRDS’ strong technical edge, as the core-activity of the agency which was founded as a technology-savvy company. Today, KRDS employs more than 100 people, most of whom are technical staff, in 6 offices across France, India and Singapore.

Founded in 2008 KRDS was the first agency to develop branded apps, transforming it into a leader in the French social media market. The agency is growing into a comprehensive marketing expert with community management services and Facebook Ads management.

So far, KRDS has completed over 500+ campaigns in 15 countries, on behalf of 250+ clients, which include Peugeot, Danone, Renault, LVMH, Unilever, Nestlé, Tag Heuer, Air France, L’Oréal, Yves Rocher, Mediaset, RTVE, Orange, Canal+, Eurosport and David Guetta.

KRDS has been updating their Canal + Pronostics Ligue 1 game since 2009. To date, the app has been running successfully with over 100,000 monthly users since its launch. It’s the longest running Facebook app worldwide

Back in 2009 KRDS won the “French Application Contest” held by Facebook with an app on behalf of Danone communities. It joined the Preferred Marketing Developer program since its launch in Europe, at the beginning of 2010. In 2011, AXA Private Equity acquired a stake in the agency, and provided support to KRDS’ growth internationally. KRDS has consistently achieved a 7-digit revenue since 2010.

* More information about Custom Audience can be found here.
Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

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